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The introduction of fiber cement board siding

Mar 24, 2016

   Now let's talk about the fiber cement board siding,the fiber cement board siding is a new product of cement board.
   Cement external wall hanging board is a new type of internal and external wall decoration material.It is mainly used for villas,factories and residential Wailimian decoration and renovation;building roof decoration; indoor wall .

decoration,ceiling,walls and wall;indoor and outdoor ground decoration; grid fence and all kinds of landscape architectural style and accessories.Mainly used to instead of the original wood, PVC hanging plates and other materials, to eliminate the disadvantages of it easy to aging, mildew, corrosion, inflammability etc., a wide range of uses, green environmental protection.

   Plant fiber cement hanging plate by natural fiber reinforced cement (also called strong plant fiber cement),which main composition is plant fiber, cement, natural river sand, water and a small amount of chemical additives,non asbestos,glass fiber and formaldehyde.This product provides the physical and chemical properties that are superior to all similar products,it has the appearance of wood materials and excellent characteristics, and fire.

   Fiber cement board siding is used as a substitute for asbestos in the early 1980s. Due to the many advantages and good quality of this material,it has been all over Australia, America, Europe and so on. Sales in the United States ranked first in the market, there are more than three million users, the market share of more than eighty-five percent.

   The world's fiber cement board siding technology

   Application of the world's only R & D and production equipment,it is formed a unique continuous improvement and improvement of the production process, combined with strict standards, the application of the best quality raw materials, excellent performance of the product consistently.

The appearance of wood, the value of performance.

   Fiber cement board siding material is  wood texture,it is beautiful and elegant, its cutting, processing and installation are also the same as the wood, with a general tool can be simple and quick. Product superior structural characteristics and composition of the unity, it is refractory, water immersion, drying is not deformed,resistant to decay and it will not be attacked by termites and other pests.

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