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The introduction of cement board for tile

Mar 24, 2016

Cement board for tile is a cement board which uses of fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, the end of slag, chemical residue or natural sand, seashore mud etc. (above raw material of one or several) as the main raw material, cement as coagulant, without high temperature calcination and manufacturing a new wall materials for cement  board for tile.
The cement  board for tile has light weight, high strength,the cement board for tile has no need to be fired, and the pollutant fly ash of power plant is used to make the material. The only drawback is the combination of the block and plaster mortar as red brick,it easy to produce cracks in the wall,affecting the appearance.Construction should be full of water,the higher requirements of the villa type can be considered a full wall hanging wire mesh,the cement board for tile can effectively prevent cracks.

The products conform to the general building materials development policies in China "farmland protection, energy saving, adjust measures to local conditions.

    Because the material of cement board for tile has high strength, good durability, size standards, appearance integrity, Kizawa Junchi, with a simple natural appearance,so the cement board for tile can do any outside decoration.Therefore,the cement board for tile is a kind of replace clay brick has the development prospects of the new generation of products.

   First, significant economic benefits.Cost of production of cement board for tile, the market price will be different from all parts of the raw materials and other costs. The red brick price is significantly higher.
Second, the production technology is mature: the high pressure molding technology, the cement board for tile has good compactness, low water absorption, good frost resistance, high strength. With these advantages, it can be applied to a variety of urban construction projects.

Third, the cost is relatively low. May be incorporated in the environment-friendly cement brick more than 80% of stone powder, waste rock or construction waste, the cost of cement get low general,it can reduce the cost of raw materials, in addition, you can also enjoy duty-free policy.

Fourth, the product is widely used: Cement brick is used in the garden, residential areas, schools, factories, sidewalks, squares and other environmental landscaping .

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