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What is the working principle of plastic drain?

Mar 24, 2016

  Plastic drain alias plastic drainage belt,it has a wavy, harmonica shape type.The center of the plastic core board is extruded and formed.It is drainage with the skeleton and channel, the section is parallel cross, both sides the nonwoven geotextile fabric wrapped as the filter layer, core with support and the filter layer permeability in water up to discharge, it is silt, silt soft soil, filling and saturated cohesive and miscellaneous fill the use of drainage consolidation method in soft soil foundation treatment of good vertical channel, it greatly shorten the time of consolidation of soft clay.

   Appearance of plastic drain:

   1, the appearance of the pack: it adopts center rolled into round cakes, 200 meters / volume, diameter 0.8M~1.3M, height 0.1M.

   2,Section: the core board is composed of parallel cross shaped harmonica.

   What is the working principle of plastic drain?

   Plastic drain is inserted into the soft soil foundation with the board machine,in the upper part of the pre compression load, void water in soft soil foundation by plastic drainage plate to upper bedding sand or horizontal plastic drainage pipe, discharged from the other place, accelerate the consolidation of soft soil foundation. In the treatment of soft soil foundation, the function of the plastic drainage plate is designed, and the construction equipment is basically the same as the bag sand well. 

   Advantages of plastic drain to reinforce soft soil foundation:

1 good drainage, drainage, drainage effect is guaranteed.

2 materials have good strength and ductility, can be suitable for the foundation deformation capacity without affecting the performance of drainage.

3 the section size of the drainage plate is small, and the ground disturbance is small during the application of the drainage plate.

4 on the super soft foundation for the construction of the board.

5 construction fast, short duration, each board can be inserted into the daily board 5000m more than the cost of the bag sand well low.

   When the drainage consolidation method is used to reinforce the deep soft soil foundation, the plastic drain is almost the only economic, effective and feasible method.

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