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What are the types of plastic bumper paint?

Mar 24, 2016

 Plastic bumper paint is a coating that is applied to the plastic material.In recent years,plastic bumper paint has been widely used in the field of mobile phones, televisions, computers, automobiles, motorcycle accessories, such as, such as automotive external parts (bumper, lens hood, car side cover, etc.) and internal components (driving room panel, door panel, an airbag cover, to cover); in addition, paints and plastics is also widely used in sports and leisure equipment, cosmetics packaging, and toys, etc..

   What are the types of plastic bumper paint?

   There are many kinds of plastic bumper paint,their chemical and physical properties are different, they can be divided into hard and soft plastic, and they can be divided into polarity and weak polarity.Common plastic materials including polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polycarbonate, ABS plastic etc..Plastic components of the same or similar may be different in physical properties, polystyrene in addition to ordinary brittle varieties, including high anti impact polystyrene; polyethylene material includes a stiff high density polyethylene and soft foot of low density polyethylene.Polyester, polymethylmethacrylate, polycarbonate materials such as plastic surface with polarity, UV coating on the adhesion problem is easy to solve; the polarity of polyethylene and polypropylene material surface is very low, of the UV coating adhesion is generally poor, often need to first on the plastic of polarity of spark discharge and corrosion treatment, or in UV coating formulations adding adhesion promoter into the agent, such as chloride resin to enhance the adhesion of polypropylene have improved.The properties of plastic materials are different, and the application of the light curing coating formula will also be different.

   Appear background of plastic bumper paint:In the heating extrusion process, the raw material in micro air or volatile impurities may escape to the surface, to form a more "crater" micro defects such as, resulting in reduced surface gloss and appearance of poor proembryo product of most plastics extrusion or compression molding.In addition, most of the conventional plastic parts wear resistance, solvent resistance is not high, easy to scratch, from fog, surface damage, etc., so the plastic parts for surface decoration and protection. Photoaging poor performance of plastic materials can also be through UV light stabilized coating to protect, prevent or delay the aging of the plastic substrate and the often in outdoor use and long daylight, artificial wave light (such as fluorescent lamp) irradiation on the occasion is particularly important.

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