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What are the characteristics of plastic sheets for walls?

Mar 24, 2016

 Plastic sheets for walls:plastic sheets for walls are made of plastic,plastic for the synthesis of polymer compounds, you can freely change the shape of the body.Plastic is a material the use of to synthesis or condensation polymerization of monomers and by synthetic resin and filler, increasing plastic agents, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments and other additives, its main ingredient is synthetic resin.

   What are the characteristics of plastic sheets for walls?

   Characteristics of plastic sheets for walls:"1" chemical resistant

"2" shiny, transparent or translucent part

"3" mostly good insulators

"4" weight and strong

"5" easy processing large production, low price

"6" use of a wide range of utility, easy to color, part of the high temperature

"7" the storage of goods can play a moisture effect.

   Plastic is also a widely used plastic and engineering plastics, it is mainly used to define the wide range, such as PP, PE cheap, it can be used in a variety of different types of machine production. Engineering plastics, the price is more expensive, but the stability of raw materials and physical properties are much better, generally speaking, it also has two characteristics of rigidity and toughness.

   PVC transparent plastic sheets for walls:the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the use of advanced imported raw and auxiliary materials produced by a high strength, high transparent plastic plate. The product is white, sapphire blue, brown, brown and other varieties. Thickness: 2mm-20mm.1220mmx2440mm 1300mmx2000mm surface of the product is accompanied by a double-sided transparent mode. Performance characteristics: the products with high strength, high transparency, good weatherability, non-toxic, health, physical characteristics are better than those of the organic glass. Usage: This product is widely used in equipment protection board, instrument shell, interior, drinking water tank, liquid level display and so on.

   Acceptance criteria of plastic sheets for walls:In the process of construction, acceptance of the quality of plastic layout from the following aspects:1, materials, colors, shop stickers should meet the requirements of the household;

2, smooth surface, smooth, no wrinkles and not edge and bubbling;

3, color consistency, tight joints, four straight, degumming at not more than 20c square meters, the distance of not less than 500mm;

4, and the pipeline should be tight, firm and level;

5, kicking foot plate and plastic plate are tightly connected, skirting boards along the straight, full-length height not more than 3mm, with walls close, seamless.

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