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Repair method of plastic headlight restoration

Mar 24, 2016

Repair method of plastic headlight restoration 1:Check out the headlights.

   1, the scope of repair: organic glass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS and other materials of all types of headlight 2, type of restoration: appearance yellowing, cracking, blurred, scratch. (Note: you must ensure the headlamps did not penetrate to the inside, to ensure that the headlight which no stains and plastic corner is complete, headlight beam is intact) Note: in scratches or yellowing, cracking oxidation layer in severe cases to assess the repair coating effect. After a repair coating achieve satisfied effect in general scratches no hurt to the thickness of the surface light more than 50% B, yellowing, cracking surface oxidation layer severity to identify paint without light, rough, many rift feels Sese, you need to do polishing and coating reduction.
   Repair method of plastic headlight restoration 2:Remove oil and wax.

   1, remove grease, lamp surface and around the sweat and wax (SI) etc.. Wipe as much as possible.2, with special dispel tarpaulin dip a little pretreatment agent to wipe the headlights, it can not only in oils and waxes, as well as the anti electrostatic interaction note: if in addition to oil, wax removal is not thorough, the grinding time easy to dip sandpaper, the influence of cutting force, is not conducive to grinding, time-consuming and laborious, after construction will be on the surface appear small oil eyes (similar to rice shaped pits), serious will cause rework.

   Repair method of plastic headlight restoration 3:polish

   1, check the damage degree of the headlight

   2, scratches deeper: the first choice of 80# dry sanding paper in the scratch grinding, grinding to basically see scratch for 120# dry sanding paper continues to polish, to see former sandpaper marks shall prevail, then change to the sand paper 180#. By analogy from the 240# - 600# according to the sequence of coarse to fine is polished (each for a type of sandpaper to gradually expand the scope of grinding to ensure good scratches in and around the along slope (inclined stubble), after grinding, please put your hand put square font to touch, if you feel smooth and not Jiecha,that is ok.

   Repair method of plastic headlight restoration 4:Cleaning surface

   Repair method of plastic headlight restoration 5:Edge banding


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