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Raw material of black plastic trim

Mar 24, 2016

  Black plastic trim is used for building decoration.The raw material is the resin plate, the surface paper and the bottom paper, the decorative paper, the cover paper, the mold release paper and so on.The surface paper, decorative paper, cover paper, the bottom layer of the resin impregnated resin, after the drying of the blank, after hot pressing, that is, the black plastic trim.
   Raw material of black plastic trim ---resin

   Plastic decorative veneer panels commonly used resin, melamine resin, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, unsaturated polyester resin, adjacent benzene two formic acid allyl ester resin, guano amine resin.Melamine resin and phenolic resin are used in our country at present.

   Raw material of black plastic trim ---Decorative paper

   In the product structure, the decorative paper is placed below the surface of the paper, it is mainly from the decorative effect of the decorative pattern and prevent the bottom layer of plastic liquid infiltration. Decorative paper surface smoothness, it has good absorbency and adaptability, it have a background requirements color uniformity, color of the color bright.

   Raw material of black plastic trim ---Cover paper

   Between the decorative paper and the bottom layer of paper, it is used for covering the bottom layer of the dark color and preventing the phenolic resin glue from decorating the paper. Such as decorative paper has enough cover can not cover paper. Cover paper and decorative paper are also titanium white paper.

   Raw material of black plastic trim ---Release paper

   Base paper and the bottom paper, impregnated oleic acid gel configuration at the bottom of the paper below, to prevent the phenolic resin glue in the process of hot pressing stick on an aluminum plate. We can save paper coated with aluminum plate stripping using polypropylene film.

   Raw material of black plastic trim ---Surface paper and bottom paper

   The paper is placed on the decorative board top, impregnated resin and hot pressing, highly transparent and hard, play a protective role in surface decoration. This paper thin, Jie Bai, clean, and high absorption performance.
Bottom paper is used to make decorative board base material, the plate has certain thickness and strength, is making decorative board of important materials, occupies 80% of the amount of paper, paper ash content is low, high absorption properties and wet strength. Commonly used without water repellent kraft paper as the base paper.
Figure 2-7 basic structure of plastic panel

(1) single decorative plate (2) double sided decorative board

1 surface paper 2 decorative paper cover 3 paper 4 bottom paper (several layers) 5 isolation layer of paper


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