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Plastic manufacturers uk will continue to expand

Mar 24, 2016

 Plastic manufacturers uk will continue to expand:It is understood that, in the national urban infrastructure construction, high-speed rail construction plays an important role in the continued expansion of the plastic packaging market. The government attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and the plastics processing industry is the key industry to support the process of adjustment and revitalization. Therefore, the plastic packaging demand will continue to rise. Some mature market has begun to accept and popular high performance packaging bag, development trend of lightweight plastic packaging bags, light load reduction and transport of supplies to reduce the cost, which conform to the interests of producers requirements. At the same time, the market for lightweight packaging bags, also brought new consumption trend of environmental protection and convenience, it is gradually to be respected.

   Plastic manufacturers uk will continue to expand:Packaging industry trends from simple packaging to innovative packaging conversion, with the promotion of economic and consumption, the packaging bag is no longer a simple product. Enterprises and consumers on the quality of packaging bags, materials, quality models are improving. In North America and Western Europe, the use of plastic bags has been very high, product structure changes will continue to support the continued growth in demand for these areas of packaging bags.

   Plastic manufacturers uk will continue to expand:British plastic packaging manufacturer RPC has agreed to the acquisition of Iceland plastic products and parts manufacturer Promens group.

   Plastic manufacturers uk will continue to expand:In addition, RPC also announced its half year results: as of the first six months of September 30, 2014, sales rose 12% to. Its sales were in the same period last year for the same period of. Pre tax profit from the same period last year of 30 million 100 thousand pounds (38 million euros) rose to 34 million 900 thousand pounds (44 million 100 thousand euros)

   Plastic manufacturers uk will continue to expand:With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand of commodity packaging bag is increasing day by day, and the requirement of the packaging bag is more and more. At present, the rapid growth of output value of packaging industry, highlighting the huge development prospects of the packaging industry.


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