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Introduction of plastic paint for cars

Mar 24, 2016

Plastic paint for cars is mainly in order to protect the body from corrosion, and secondly, it can increase the attractiveness of the car, it is a manifestation of the personality of most owners.

   The so-called plastic paint for cars, which is sprayed on the car paint.Plastic paint for cars is a kind of paint.Automobile spray paint coating, it not only makes the body surface to form a protective film, the body is not easy to be corroded, it can also extend the life of the car, it gives a beautiful enjoyment.Different gas vehicle paint has different effects. Choose different paint, different colors, it can show out of the bus with different personalities. Therefore,plastic paint for cars is essential.

   Plastic paint for cars is different from other paint,because the car itself is expensive, coupled with the perennial experience the experience of spring, summer, autumn and winter, requires high performance of automotive paint, automobile paint not only to do the film has good mechanical properties, good fullness, high gloss, but also do good adhesion, high hardness, scratch resistance ability strong, have excellent weathering resistance, scratch resistance, gloss persistent, and excellent resistant to gasoline, alcohol resistant, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog etc. performance.

   Plastic paint for cars is generally baking paint.In the car inside the factory, welded frame, body, body repair manual, the next step is painting.Generally speaking, the first is the primer. The white body immersed in syrup like the paint tank, remove the baking primer; then into the clean room, with electrostatic paint spraying process above lacquer, and 200 degrees Celsius temperature drying. There will be a layer of varnish.

   Basic components of plastic paint for cars:plastic paint for cars mainly consists of resin, pigments, fillers, additives, curing agent and solvent, metal paint for automobile increased flash gold powder (powder), pearlescent paint increased the mica particle.

   A resin (film material)

   B pigment (including pigment, anticorrosion pigment, coloring pigment)

   C solvent

   D additive

   A. resin can be divided into: natural resin II synthetic resin (including: thermoplastic, thermosetting, self crosslinking).

1, natural resin Description: insect or tree secretions. Ingredients: rosin, shellac

2, synthetic resin thermoplastic Description: high temperature softening, easy to be solvent.

Ingredients: vinyl resin, CAB cellulose acetate butyrate, nitro cellulose.

3, synthetic resin thermosetting Description: heating is not easy to soften, high hardness, solvent resistance.

Ingredients: melamine, epoxy resin, acrylic resin.

4, artificial synthesis tree self coupling type description: when the two components of a mixture of chemical reaction and curing.

Ingredients: unsaturated resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin.

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