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How much do you know about the plastic tunnel?

Mar 24, 2016

  How much do you know about the plastic tunnel?Plastic tunnel,commonly known as cold shed, it is a simple and practical protection of cultivation facilities, because of its easy construction, easy to use, less investment, with the development of the plastic industry, it is widely used in countries around the world.It makes use of wood, steel and other materials, and covered with plastic film, arched shed, for the cultivation of vegetables,it can advance or delay in supply, it increase the yield per unit area, it has to prevent natural disasters, especially in the northern region, which in early spring and late autumn off-season supply fresh vegetables.

   Plastic tunnel make full use of solar energy, heat preservation function, and through the roll film can adjust the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse in a certain range.Therefore,in the north of China,plastic tunnel is mainly played the effect that heat preservation cultivation.In general, spring ahead of 30 - 35 days, autumn can delay 20 - 25 days, but it cannot be overwintering cultivation; in southern China,in addition to the winter season for vegetables, flowers,plastic tunnel can also replace shading net for shade in the summer and autumn of cooling and the rain, wind, hail and other facilities cultivation.
   Our country is vast in territory, the climate is complex,the use of plastic tunnel for vegetables, flowers and other facilities cultivation, the supply and demand of the off-season to ease the supply and demand has played a special important role, with significant social benefits and the reality of the huge economic benefits.

   Types of plastic tunnel:

   From the structure and construction materials of plastic shed,there are three types of plastic tunnel which is applied more and more practical.

   Bamboo structure:The structure of the plastic tunnel,the area is not the same, but its main parameters and the shed shape is basically the same.

   Welded steel structure:The structure of the plastic tunnel,the skeleton is firm, column free, a large hangar space through good light, convenient operation, good facilities.

   Galvanized steel pipe:The shed for assembly type structure, convenient construction, and it can remove the migration, in the studio to a large space, less light blocking, convenient operation; favorable oak growth; component, corrosion resistant, high integral strength, bear strong wind and snow, service life of up to 15 years of above, it is the most advanced greenhouse structure.

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