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Do you know the types of plastic films?

Mar 24, 2016

  Plastic films are made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other resins for use in packaging and as a coating layer.Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products accounted for a growing share in the market, especially plastic composite flexible packaging, it has widely application in the fields of food, medicine and chemical industry, and to the food packaging accounted for the largest proportion, for example, the beverage packaging, frozen food packaging, cooking food packaging, food packaging, etc., these products brought great convenience to people's lives.
   Do you know the types of plastic films?

   The types of plastic films---PVA coated high barrier film

   PVA coated high barrier film is adding nano inorganic matter PVA coated polyethylene film in the printing, composite, in does not substantially improve the cost under the premise, the barrier properties not only significantly and EVOH five layer coextruded film, and the packaging cost greatly decreased, which can not only ensure that packaging of aseptic packaging all the quality requirements, and greatly reduces the cost of aseptic packaging of food processing enterprises, can be used for packing drinks, juice, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

   The types of plastic films---Biaxial oriented polypropylene film

   Biaxially oriented polypropylene film is made of polypropylene particles by CO extrusion forming sheets, followed by stretching in both horizontal and vertical direction of the.

   The types of plastic films---LDPE

   Low density polyethylene film is made of two kinds of blow molding and casting process.Cast polyethylene film thickness is uniform, but because of higher prices, low cost, so it is the most widely used.Low density polyethylene film is a translucent, shiny, soft texture of the film, with excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water resistance and moisture resistance, freezing, it can be boiled.The main drawback is taht the oxygen barrier property is poor, commonly used in the composite soft package materials with the inner film, and is currently the most widely used, the largest amount of a plastic packaging film, accounted for about plastic packaging film consumption of 40% above.

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