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Do you know the raw material and the production process of plastic walls?

Mar 24, 2016

 Plastic walls are in certain materials for the substrate, coated on its surface after printing, embossing, or foaming processing a variety of technology and made a wall decoration materials.

   Brief introduction of plastic walls:Plastic walls are decorative materials which are developed in the 50's.,the types of products is increasing, the yield increased year by year, it has become one of the most widely used material in interior decoration.
   Plastic walls can be classified into five categories: Printed wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, foaming wallpaper, special wallpaper, plastics Qiangbu, each class has several varieties, each species and dozens and hundreds of kinds of colors. Actually, with the improvement of technology, an endless stream of new varieties, such as cloth bottom surface glue, glue face and embossed or printed wallpaper, and surface electrostatic flocking wallpaper and so on.

   Do you know the raw material and the production process of plastic walls?

   Raw material:(1) basic plastic raw materials:As mentioned before,plastic walls need resin and other auxiliary materials. Resin mainly for PVC, in order to facilitate the processing, the general use of low molecular weight PVC, auxiliary raw materials, the production of foam wallpaper need to join the foaming agent.(2) the end of paper:As the plastic walls of the paper, the requirements can be heat-resistant, not curly, it has a certain strength, it is generally 80 ~ 100g/m2 of paper.

   Brief introduction of production process:The production process of plastic walls is generally divided into two steps.The first step, in the bottom of the paper (or cloth) on the composite layer of plastic. There are four kinds of complex methods. The first one is made by rolling process and the rolling thin film at the end of the paper rolling machine of direct pressure compound. The second is the coating method, the coating has two kinds, one is the emulsion coating, such as chlorine vinegar emulsion; the other is PVC paste. The third is indirect composite, that is, compound machine. The fourth kind is extrusion compound, even if the bottom paper from the flat die extrusion thin film composite. Which is the most commonly used rolling method and coating method.


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