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Do you know the book which is named"plastic resins"?

Mar 24, 2016

  "plastic resins"is one of the "manual": chemical products fifth edition.This book collected a total of alkyd resin and allyl resin, polyvinyl acetal polymers, cellulose derivative resins and plastics, high water absorbing resin and water solution of high polymer, unsaturated polyester resin, polyurethane, silicone resins and plastics and organic fluorine resin and plastics, phenolic aldehyde resin and plastics and polyamide resin and plastics, amino resins and plastics, thermal plastic polyester and plastics, aromatic heterocyclic polymers, ring hydrogen resin, ion exchange resin, the ion exchange membrane, polyether resins and plastics, polysulfone resins and plastics, thermal liquid crystal polymer, conductive plastics and plastic magnetic and five major synthetic resin,it has a total of about 800 products.
   Content validity of "plastic resins":"plastic resins"is one of the "manual".Each variety, including Chinese and English names, structure, properties, product use, formulation and process route, molding process and product specifications, etc.. Products are mainly resin and plastics at present industrialization production of a variety of products, the identification of the test or trial production of the product, it has made the prospect of the foreign products, it has market prospects and may recover test and industrialization of the products.

   The text of "plastic resins"is concise and concise, the content of the coverage, variety complete, but also for the reader to provide rich, accurate technical information and market information.This book reflects the realistic, contemporary frontier At the end of the book with a product in the English name index, Lee quickly retrieve.Book selected varieties of most of the process is simple, the raw material is easy to get, the operation is feasible. It is suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturers demand, it also can be used in polymer materials production, teaching and scientific research, development and application of personnel reference and use.
   Book catalogue of "plastic resins":
   Introduction to A
1 definition of synthetic resins and plastics
2 classification of synthetic resins and plastics
3 polymerization methods for synthetic resins
4 thermoplastic resin matrix composites
5 world synthetic resin industry development trends and trends
Five China's 6 major synthetic resin industry enterprises and the status quo of production
Safety, toxicity and waste resin 7
8 domestic major resin production units
B products
Ba PE class
Ba001 low density polyethylene
Ba002 high density polyethylene
Ba003 linear low density polyethylene
Ba004 polyethylene green onion
Ba005 high molecular weight high density polyethylene
Ba006 linear low density polyethylene
Ba007 low molecular weight polyethylene
Ba008 ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
Ba009 medium density polyethylene
Ba010 very low density polyethylene
Ba011 crosslinked polyethylene
Ba012 silane crosslinked polyethylene
Ba013 chlorinated polyethylene
Ba014 chloride polyethylene
Blending modification of Ba015 high density polyethylene and low density polyethylene

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