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Tips for you keep you stainless steel drill bit working efficiently

Mar 23, 2016

Dill bit is an important tool widely used in many fields. The drill is generally made of hard alloy. Based on the tungsten carbide powder, and using the cobalt powder as binder, the so called hard alloy is manufactured through pressing and sintering the mixture of the two kinds of powders. Usually, the tungsten carbide occupies 94% of the hard alloy. Because of its high hardness, hard-wearing characteristic and great strength, it is very suitable for high speed cutting. But this kind of hard alloy has a disadvantage of poor toughness and brittleness. In order to improve the performance of the hard alloy, engineers add a layer of ultra hard titanium carbide (TIC) or titanium nitride (TIN) on the carbide basis materials. The thickness of the layer is 5 to 7 micrometers. After the addition of this layer of special material, the hard alloy will have a higher hardness. A stainless steel drill bit is special used to drill stainless steel. Since the materials like stainless steel is very difficult to process, to drill them is always one of the problem in machine manufacturing. At present, worker usually use standard high speed steel drill bit to drill small holes in stainless steel. This is because the this kind of stainless steel drill bit has good toughness and sharpness. The following is several tips for you keep you stainless steel drill bit works properly.

(1)The drill bits should be held in a specially-made box, and avoid collision and vibration.

(1)When use the dill bit, it should be installed to the drill immediately when it is taken out from the box. And after the work is finished, the drill bit should be returned to the box as soon as possible.

(3) If it is needed to measure the diameter of the drill bit, please use non-contact measuring instrument, such as tool microscope. Do your best to avoid the cutting edge on the drill bit to contact directly with the measuring instrument.

(4)Some computer numerical controlled drilling machine using the positioning ring, some do not. If the machine you use is the first type, the dill bit must be installed in an accurate depth. And if you use the second kind of drill machine, the length that the drill bit must be the same with the rating value. Once you do not abide by these rules, the drill bit may be scrapped.

(5)Usually, when you want to exam the wear pattern of the bit cutting edge, please use the stereo microscope whose magnification factor is 40.

(6) Workers should check the concentricity between the main spindle and collet chuck. At the same time, the clamping force of the collet chuck should also be check frequently. A bad concentricity may lead to the broken of small diameter drill bit and the expansion of the borehole. A bad clamping force may cause the actual rotate speed not meet the set speed, then it will lead the slippage between the chuck and stainless steel drill bit.



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