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Choose a steel drill bit set for home usage

Mar 23, 2016

Drills do not only used in factories, but at home, you will feel very difficult to do some specific work that needs a drill but you do not have one. So, it is very necessary for you to buy a drill with a set of drill bit set. In China, there is a saying goes, if you want to do things well, first sharpen your tool. But you should choose the bit set according the material that you want to bore. Because the drill bit for wood can not be used for steel. However, the drill bit set can, for some extent, be used for wood. So for the household usage, it is highly recommended you to buy a drill with a steel drill bit set. With this drill and drill bit set, you can bore the drill a hole into almost all the materials, such as wood, glass and steel, at home. A steel drill bit set is made of high speed tool steel. The price of this kind of drill bit is not very high. Such a set of bit will be enough for your usage at home, except that you want to bore a hole into a stainless steel instrument. This is because stainless steel is very tough. The regular drill bit for ordinary steel can not reach the needed rigidity to bore holes in stainless steel.

The size of the drill bit in the drill bit set ranges from seven millimeters to two point one centimeters. Now if you are decorating your house and some holes should be bored into the wall, you can not use the steel drill bit set. Another set of tungsten carbide drill is needed to finish the work. This is because the drill bit for steel can not reach the required strength do bore holes into concrete. But these kinds of drill bit is expensive than the steel drill bit.

Some of the steel drill bit set can be applied to do drilling work into glasses. Usually, this kind of drill bit may have diamond bonded on them or sintered directly onto them. The installation of diamond eliminates the difficulties to drill holes into glass. Since glass and porcelain tile have the similar composition elements, Some of the steel drill bit that can be used to drill holes into glass can also be used to bore holes into porcelain tiles.

Above all, the steel drill bit set is the primary need for you to do most of the household jobs. In the drilling process, the drill bit will become less sharp because of the drill bit wear. Then the work efficiency will be decreased. This phenomenon tells you that it is time to replace the drill bit with a new one.

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