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Black and Decker drill bits: Quality for over 170 years

Mar 23, 2016

Black and Decker is an American company founded back in 1910.  Black and Decker also manufacture under the De Walt brand and today are merged with STANLEY, another US tool manufacturing company founded in 1843. With such heritage and experience is it any wonder that Black and Decker drills and bits are well respected and synonymous with  quality and performance by both professional and home handy people alike?

Black and Decker manufacture a range of drill bits to exacting standards and quality to cover and suit every type of application, no matter what your drilling needs are, from do-it-yourself home renovators to specialised professional tradespeople, the Black and Decker brand will have a bit to match your needs.

Their pre packaged bit kit range begins with sets of ten of the most popular sized bits for drilling through wood, plastic, leather and soft metals, through to 50 piece drill bit kits that will meet the needs of most, if not all home users. You can buy smaller sets or select individual bits to suit your needs. Of course buying a Black and Decker bit set is a more cost effective way to invest  and eliminates any possible future frustration when a job is held up because you don't have exactly the right bit for the job.

Another nice advantage of buying a drill bit set is the storage case, far better than having bits rattling round in a draw or tool box. Correct storage not only protects their cutting edge and increases their life span, but lessens the chance of accidental slicing or stabbing of ones fingers when hurriedly searching amongst loose tools and sharp bits.

The Black and Decker drill bit range includes tools for specialised applications such as drilling through glass or tiles, concrete or masonry or hardened metals such as stainless steel. In other articles on drill bits we have focussed mostly on round, straight shank bits, but Black and Decker also produce a series of hex shank bits which are ideal for quick “snap in” connection on Black and Decker cordless drills.

It is also reassuring to know that Black and Decker drill bits are independently certified to conform to relevant standards. However, no amount of quality testing, checking and precision manufacture can account for abuse, so, as in all cases when buying and selecting drill bits, [or any tool] do make sure you have the right bit for the job and treat the tool with respect and care. It is also important that you marry the bit with the correct drill, for example a general purpose HS [high speed] bit coupled to a Black and Decker cordless drill would be ideal for drilling holes in timber or other soft materials. However, you should really rethink your choice of drill for something with a bit more grunt if you are contemplating sticking up a shelf on a concrete wall.  It will save the drill, the bit, your time and your temper in the long run~ In short, Black and Decker make a drill and bit for practically any and every situation, so be sure you select wisely.

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