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Wholesale motorcycle parts

Mar 22, 2016

As a precision industrial product, the motorcycle is constituted by a large number of components. Each part plays an important role in keeping the whole motorcycle working properly, whether it is big or small. Customers can buy motorcycle parts from motorcycle accessories store if there is only several things in your shopping list. However, if you are a manager of a motorcycle accessories store, you may buy many parts at a time. For this condition, you can wholesale motorcycle parts directly from motorcycle parts producers or the upper wholesaler. A motorcycle parts manufacturer can only produce a limited number of parts. But for each kind of product, the producer can produce it abundantly. A higher level wholesaler may have a complete kinds of motorcycle parts. But the number of each motorcycle part may be not as large as that of manufacturers. A motorcycle is composed by six main systems: the engine system, transmission system, running system, control system, electrical and instrumentation system and the brake system. Beside these five main systems, there are many other common parts and small systems. Some motorcycle parts producer or higher level wholesaler may wholesale motorcycle parts for a system if the customers have this need. This sales strategy brings much convenience both to the sellers and the customers.

The engine system is the core part of a motorcycle, and the lifetime of a motorcycle is depend on the lifetime of this system. The performance of the engine decides the performance of the motorcycle. If the power of the engine is high enough, the motorcycle will have a high speed and s small vibration. The rider will feed more comfortable when riding the motorcycle. The price of a motorcycle is also determined mainly according to the engine it uses. When you want to buy a motorcycle, do not consider the appearance and style only, but to see whether the engine is the same.

Wheels and tires are important elements in running system. There are generally two kinds of wheels: cast aluminum wheels and spokes wheels. Cast aluminum wheels have advantages in rigidity and appearance, but their price is higher. There is a big price difference between tires. Tires with high quality have a longer lifetime and they are not prone to wear. Still, tires are much easier to wear than other motorcycle parts.

The brake system is very important to protect the riders. There is a saying goes, a car without a good brake system is the same as a killing machine. There are two kinds of break system: drum brake system and hydraulic brake system. In the case of braking effect, front brake is better than rear brake. So, at present, the good motorcycle uses hydraulic brake system for front brake and drum brake system for rear brake. Since the brake system and running system are much more prone to wear, they will have a considerable sales volume. This gives the retailer a reference when to wholesale motorcycle parts.



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