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Please pay high attention to your motorcycle windscreens

Mar 22, 2016

At the two-wheeled car expo held in 1976, BMW company launched a new kind of motorcycle that equipped with a fixed windscreen. The installation of motorcycle windscreen not only makes the vehicle more beautiful, but also improves its speed. This is because the windscreen can help to accelerate the flow of air. But, to some extent, it increases the consumption of fuel when it is moving at a high speed. Also it increases the stability of the motorcycle during the drive . This wonderful invention drew the attention of the whole motorcycle industry. From then on, motorcycle windscreen are more and more widely applied by the manufacturers. In these days, almost all the medium-sized and large-sized motorcycles are equipped with a variety of windscreens. Motorcycle windscreens can be made by many kinds of materials, such as PC, PVC, PMMA, PET and so on. PVC has the characteristic of high toughness and high transparency, but it will be easily scratched when friction happens on it. Another disadvantage of this material is that its color will be easily changed when it is exposed to high temperature. PMMA also has the characteristic of high transparency, but it is very vulnerable. While PC material has the advantages of both PVC and PMMA, it can be used for a long time, almost 5 to 6 years, before it is discoloured. It is also hard to be scratched.

Motorcycle windscreen plays an important role during your drive. The main function of this component is to prevent the wind from blowing to you directly. When the motorcycle is moving at a high speed, there will be a strong wind blows in the reverse direction. As it is known to us that, people will be very likely to get diseases, such as gout, cold, rheumatism and so on, when they are exposed to strong wind. Many of these diseases are very difficult to be cured. Also, your skin will become very dry and rough in this strong wind environment. Beside wind, motorcycle windscreen can also keep fine particles, such as sands, small bugs and raindrops, from blowing to you. You can imagine the disgusting scene that numerous bugs are bumped into death on your chest. Both of the wind and fine particles will make you blinded. The installation of the windscreen will provide you a good protection and give you a good vision when you dive your motorcycle. In order to let the windscreen play its largest role, you should keep it clean and wipe it frequently with soft cloth. Do your best to keep it from being scratched.

Though the motorcycle windscreen can give you a perfect protection, it may have a bad effect if you use them improperly. The size of the windscreen should not be too big. There will be a most fitting size for your motorcycle. It will increase the wind resistance, and thus the consumption of fuel will dramatically increases, if the dimension exceeds the specified value.

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