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Introducing to you the Motorcycle exhaust parts

Mar 22, 2016

Motorcycle exhaust parts are important components of a motorcycle system. There two main functions for this exhaust system. First, once the motorcycle begins to work, fuel will burn in the engine to push the piston to move. Then a large amount of exhaust gas will be produced in the engine. This exhaust gas is harmful to both people and the engine. So, in order to keep the motorcycle work properly and keep people away from the poisonous gas, such high temperature emissions must be discharged from the engine through the motorcycle exhaust parts as soon as possible. An interesting phenomenon you may meet that when it is reins heavily and the drainage system does not work well, a lot of cars will be stalled. This is because the motorcycle exhaust parts are blocked by water, and thus the exhaust gas can not be ejected. Second, during the procedure to discharge the exhaust gas with high temperature and high pressure from the engine, loud exhaust noise will be produced. It is no exaggeration to say that this noise may be as loud as the noise from a fighter plane. Fortunately, there is an important part called silencer is installed at the motorcycle exhaust part. With the help of this significant element, the loud noise can be controlled within the permission limit. With this silencer, you will not feel uncomfortable when you dive a motorcycle.

During the whole procedure of the emission, the exhaust gas first encounters the exhaust manifold. The purpose to design this exhaust manifold is to avoid the mutual interference of the gas comes that from different cylinders and to exhaust the gas out of the exhaust pipes as far as possible. The role that the middle part of the exhaust pipe plays is relatively simple. Its function is just to guide the exhaust gas from the manifold to the tail exhaust pipe. Some exhausting system may be installed with a expansion chamber at the middle part of the exhaust pipe. The purpose to install this expansion chamber is to reduce the pressure of the exhaust gas.

Many people may be very interested in how the exhausting system produces the annoying noise. First, the burn of fuel in the engine will produce high temperature waste gas with high pressure. Then this waste gas flows into the exhaust manifold. During this procedure, the high pressure waste gas will collide with the manifold. The frequency of this collide will be very high, it may up to several thousand in a minute. Each time the collision happens, annoying noise with high frequency will be produced. When the exhaust gas goes through the exhaust manifold, the shock wave may decelerate from the supersonic speed to lower the speed of sound. But the noise produced by the shock wave is still loud at this time. Just with the pipes at the middle part alone is not sufficient to reduce the power. So, in order to reduce its power, manufactures install ‘expansion chamber’ and ‘silencer’ at middle and tail section of the motorcycle exhaust parts.

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