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what the wire mesh continer is?

Mar 21, 2016

What the wire mesh continer is?And do you know what the wire mesh continer is?Or do you know the uses of wire mesh continer?But before we introduce the wire mesh continer,we should first learn the wire mesh.

   The wire mesh is a big classification of various types of wire and wire products,it is referred to as monofilament and wire mesh.Wire is mainly refers to the metal, synthetic fiber as material yarn; net is to wire, metal plate, strip and other raw materials, according to the different shapes and specifications of the network density,the different ways of weaving or stamped.

It is used in chemical fiber,wire,metal wire and wire made by the method of wire mesh containner. The main application is "wire mesh, filter, India, solid, prevention and nursing".

   Wire and mesh

   Wire is mainly refers to the metal and nonmetal material which is processed into wire; network is wire, as raw material, woven into different shapes, density and specifications of the network according to the demand. The wire such as wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, PVC wire, Huang Tongsi.Network refers to wire (wire) using a processing and network products, such as crane Huang silk screen mesh, window screening, steel net, punching net, fencing wire mesh, filter mesh, conveyer belt, conveyer belt, PVC net.

   The wire mesh is China's traditional industrial products,it has been widely used in many fields of scientific research, production and life. With the rapid development of science and technology, the wire mesh is widely used in petroleum and chemical industry, automobile, papermaking, food, architecture, aviation and aerospace industry and high-tech industries.
The wire mesh thickness between the mesh surface and the bottom surface of the distance in mm (mm) or micron (m) measurement. The thickness should be measured at the wire mesh without tension in static state value. The thickness is determined by the diameter of a wire mesh composition,quantity and thickness of ink.

The wire mesh is widely used in glass industry furnace mesh belt, mesh belt furnaces etc.. The food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, frozen foods frozen mesh belt, chain network processing machine.

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