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What kinds of wire mesh belt?

Mar 21, 2016

  What kinds of wire mesh belt?

   1, the crankshaft type belt:It concentrates a variety advantages of wire mesh belt,because of its bending deep string, it makes the position of each spiral coil to get the correct location, so it is maximally reduced and extension of the network with the variant.

   2, the straight shaft type mesh belt: around the turn of the network through the straight string and, the series of mesh belt mesh is dense, uniform mesh spacing, the net belt running smoothly. This series is suitable for bearing network with small volume and texture is relatively heavy in transmission line.

   3, flat wire mesh belt type: it uses rolling flat making. It uses type crankshaft connecting rod, the fine workmanship, its surface is smooth, both sides are parallel, the material is excellent and it is durable.

   4, herringbonemesh belt:It around the turn of the network through four straight string and, sophisticated weaving technology so that the net belt not only has high density mesh of fine characteristics of flexible operation, the materials and weaving techniques are demanding. This wire mesh belt is suitable for small carrying goods.

   5, sheet metal net belt: it is also known as the Great Wall net, composed of a flat sheet metal and round wire, with net weight is light, the mesh gap is large, the net surface is smooth, the operation is stable, it will not walk. It can be used for washing, drying, cooling, heat treatment of transmission lines.

   6, the chain type belt: it is driven by the chain conveyor belt is generally driven by the chain shaft drives the net belt running.

   7, eye type mesh belt: drive sprocket, stable operation, strong bearing capacity. It can deliver high speed heavy, its smooth surface, which is suitable for conveying of the unstable product big hole rate, ventilation, dewatering of good, it is easy to be cleaned, with macroporous, glasses net belt is suitable for coating operation flow to and transmission with as much as possible to reduce the contact.

    What another types of wire mesh belt do you know?

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