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What is the method of making wire mesh panel?

Mar 21, 2016

  What is the method of making wire mesh panel?---selection of wire mesh panel

   Wall screening except for prevention, because of the wall itself or joint parts of cracking in decorative layer (mortar layer, decorative plate, etc.) hollowing and cracking, it can also prevent mortar leveling layer or mortar cover cracking of the surface layer.The different decorative layer has different weight.Such as stone, large size ceramic tile weight, coating weight is small; and the different mesh walls and appressed "level is different.If the wire mesh panel is not easily appressed, fiber mesh easily appressed; in addition,the cost of wire mesh panelis high, the cost of fiber mesh is relatively low.Therefore,don't ask the specific requirements of crack proof.It shall be made of wire mesh panel, it may be because it is not easy to be appressed "and mortar leveling layer (or cover) and mesh (or wall) bad bonding. The facing layer hollowing and cracking.If you are using the fiber mesh. It may be due to its tensile strength than metal mesh, and the decorative layer cracking.

   What is the method of making wire mesh panel?---Hanging and pasting method

   Phi - phi 6 steel mesh and 1.5 or 1.6) wire mesh panel, we can pitch 600mm * 600mm M6-M8 wall bolt and 30mm * 30MM gasket compression;If it is not appressed, we can add the nail plastic expansion bolt.0.9 and below the wire mesh, we can use plastic expansion anchoring bolt and gasket pressure can be directly pasted on the concrete matrix, but it should not be for lightweight wall (surface crisp), it should not be used for ceramic plate and paste the human factors are many, the load is limited, in order to ensure plastering mortar can fully wrapping the mesh and adhered to the wall to become altogether force body,avoid empty, the distance between the wire mesh and the wall surface should be 5-6mm. For the mortar layer finishes, fiber mesh should paste plaster leveling layer and cover layer between, the paste materials have water mud, 108 glue mud, polymer cement mortar, which should be using polymer cement slurry, the amount of a good using polymer cement waterproof coating (JS).

   Do you know the other methods of making wire mesh panel?


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