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What is the classification of home washing machine?

Mar 21, 2016

   What is the classification of home washing machine?

   Classification of home washing machine---wave wheel

   Advantages of wave wheel:

   1.Power saving:Washing machine power is 400 watts, the power consumption is less than 0.5 degrees.

   2.The washing time is short:Pulsator washing machine washing time is 40 minutes, if custom program needs to be less time, drum washing machine washing time is 1-2 hours.

   3.High cleaning rate:According to the actual test shows that the drum washing machine wash rate is about 75%, while the impeller is as high as 95%.

   4.Convenient operation: even if the elderly can easily use. If it is found that in the process of washing clothes can be added at any time left.

   Classification of home washing machine---Drum type

   Water saving:Drum type washing machine is used to control the size of the water saving technology, heated wash technology as well as the deluge, soaking, beat triple washing, three-dimensional flow pattern and overflow prevention function, the role of water is play to the extreme. A washing machine drum about 70~100 liters of water, and the washing machine is about 180~240 liters.

   Classification of home washing machine---Massag machine

   Features: washing clothes clean force is the strongest, the province of washing powder. Disadvantages: it love winding, compared to the previous two ways, it damage increase, noise is the biggest.

Suitable for washing clothes: in addition to all the clothes need special washing outside.

   Classification of home washing machine---Double Dynamical

   Double power. Based on the above advantages of the inner barrel and the impeller formed at the same time rotates in the reverse direction, increase the wash than impeller double barrel force driven bidirectional rotation has a strong universal boiling water, penetrate clothing fiber, strong wash clothes, and wear low, non winding,. The basin shaped water washing, tube more than two stirring wing to prevent winding.

   Classification of home washing machine---Oblique barrel

   Oblique barrel is convenient to add clothing, beautiful appearance, no wear is not wrapped.


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