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What are the advantages of the front loading washers?

Mar 21, 2016

 The working principle of front loading washers:front loading washers achieve the purpose of washing clothes by the water inside the drum rotation and the impact.The working principle of front loading washers is different from the other washing machine.Due to the different working principle will have different advantages and disadvantages. Here to talk about what are the advantages and disadvantages of front loading washers:

   1.It rarely wear clothes,the more expensive clothes need to use the drum washing machine,like silk, wool, etc..

   2.After a good wash clothes, it will not appear around the super,it is better to protect clothes.

   3.front loading washers have the drying function, to the south of a wet day, this is a very good function.

   4.The clothes which are washed by the front loading washers are relatively clean;

   5.the design of front loading washers will not stain the bathroom.

   The disadvantage of front loading washers:

   1 because the washing principle, washing time would be prolonged, so washing time will be relatively long.

   2 because of the drum washing machine is best to use warm water washing, so more power consumption.

   3.If the front loading washers are failure, maintenance costs are generally relatively high;

   It seems,which kind front loading washers do you want to buy,you must look at your lifestyle and family conditions.First of all, we have to determine the price of regular washing of clothing and washing machines, such as wool, silk clothing and more, it is recommended the purchase of drum type washing machine; such as washing cotton clothes based, it is recommended that choose the type and drum type washing machine agitation.When choosing a washing machine, we should pay attention to whether the family's electricity capacity is large enough and with tap water is convenient.If you have a hot water source in the washing machine, you don't have to use the electrical heating element.In the selection of more than 3 kinds of washing machine, washing machine and the noise you have to understand the failure free operation time. Generally speaking, noise is low, the failure free operation time is longer, the better the quality of washing machine.

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