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Use common sense of washing machine best

Mar 21, 2016

  According to the degree of automation,washing machine best can be divided into common type, semi automatic and automatic type.Users to buy a washing machine best according to their living conditions and economic strength.Ordinary type washing machine, semi automatic type is affordable, and full automatic washing machine price is higher.

   First, safety precautions

   1.the rated voltage of washing machine best for the safe use is 220V, 50Hz,if it exceeds this range, it is easy to cause motor damage.

   2.A socket can use multiple electrical equipment, in order to avoid over-current overload.

   3.In the first time when using the washing machine best, we should first check whether the washing machine safety grounding, otherwise it may cause the accident of the electric shock.

   4.Those impregnated with flammable solvents (such as gasoline and organic solvent) of the main,which are not allowed into the washing barrel or tub.

   5.When using the washing machine best, please do not place or used in washing machine such as a spray, spray paint, paint around, gasoline and other organic solvents flammable solvents).

   6.If washing machine runs abnormal noise, do not start, speed was slow, Water Leakage, smoke, leakage, burning, we immediately cut off the power, troubleshooting before use.

   7.Washing machine is not electrified maintenance, so as to avoid the electric shock accident.

   8.When the cleaning of washing machine best, please do not directly flush (especially control panel).

   9.In the washing machine or tub does not completely stop the rotation, please do not open the cover, in order to avoid danger!

   10.Please do not put the 50 degrees above the water directly into the washing machine, the disposable clothing barrel and waterproof seal aging deformation.

   11.When using the washing machine, do not let children visit the washing barrel or tub, in order to avoid danger!

   12.Do not place heavy objects on top of the washing machine, washing machine to avoid damage.

   13.After use, we must unplug the power plug, so that the washing machine is in standby state for a long time.

   14.Don't put heavy pressure on the power line,it also does not allow the washing machine extrusion power line.

   15.The washing machine needs to be repaired, please contact the local repair center, or have a professional and technical qualifications of the staff to repair.

   16.When washing clothes, we can not put too much clothing, if more than the rated washing capacity washing machine best, the load will increase when the motor works, the temperature rose rapidly, which will shorten the service life of the motor.

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