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There are many kinds of wire mesh fence panels

Mar 21, 2016

   The wire mesh fence panels - here refers to the industrial "wire mesh fence panels". The wire mesh fence panels are mainly used for housing, roads, protection of personal safety equipment and facilities of the business district, public places and other occasions and protection. The wire mesh fence panels are everywhere in our life. According to the height of the fence, the price per meter length will be different.

Guardrail used steel, such as stainless steel, round steel, square steel or steel wire.

   Surface treatment: automatic electrostatic powder spraying (i.e. spray or paint). In recent years, the more popular Aluminum Alloy material plug, assembled guardrail.


The wire mesh fence panels post through the expansion bolt and fixed on the ground. Usually installed on both sides such as logistics channel, the production equipment surrounding the building corner, both sides of the door and goods Taiwan edge etc..

Damage reduction with handling equipment when the shuttle accident caused by the impact of the equipment and facilities.
Fence material: aluminum alloy, malleable iron class (nodular cast iron), carbon steel (spray or galvanized), stainless steel, plastic, zinc, steel, PVC and other metal railings.

In addition to the logistics handling equipment,it also have their own protection. (such as loading and unloading platform fence edge to prevent dangerous forklift accident falling)


   Fence is widely used in the maintenance of municipal engineering, transportation, communities, ports, airports, and storage areas, this kind of product development in the increasingly mature,it become an important branch of the building materials industry, industry continues to expand the scale, style continued to increase.

According to the barrier material classification, iron fence, stone fence, PVC fence, wooden fence, cement fence, plastic steel guardrail, stainless steel guardrail, glass railings. According to the function of the classification of fence balcony guardrail, staircase railing, fence, fence, villa community air conditioning guardrail, anti-theft guardrail, stadium guardrail etc.. The decorations on the barrier properties according to the classification of art fence, wrought iron guardrail, through King guardrail, Piaochuang fence, gate guard, American guardrail, European style barrier etc..

According to the classification of appearance: bilateral wire fence, the fence frame, double lap fence, MAG fence, chain link fence guardrail, steel fence.

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