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The wire mesh lockers and lockers

Mar 21, 2016

  Do you know the wire mesh lockers?Where will you look the wire mesh lockers?Maybe you think the wire mesh lockers are useless,but in fact,the wire mesh lockers are useful in our life.For example,the wire mesh lockers can be placed in your bedroom or bathroom and so on.

   How widely the general locker is? however, different style, different styles of lockers, their length and width certainly are not the same.

   The width of this British style lockers is 425 mm from, its high is 975mm,the length is 980mm, the dimensions of the lockers are for display in the bedroom or balcony, to receive various scraps of small objects. At the same time, we can also take it as home decor to use,as long as the it on the appropriate visual position, again in lockers counter on some artistic ornament,it can very good reflect elegant,chic style that occupy the home, we if you like the British style furniture products, might as well buy it a try Oh!

   Chinese style

   Chinese style furniture products and emphasis is dignified atmosphere, this trait is most incisive in the locker. Please see our chart this locker products. It uses the main wood is wood quality of Fraxinus mandshurica, plus made of MDF boards and Fraxinus mandshurica thin, solid ash wood frame structure in chipboard, premium Ash veneer, ring like pattern neat and beautiful. The width of this style of lockers is 560mm, cabinet form of lockers to a slightly larger size, select the appropriate location security and it can show a good visual effect.


   Believe there has no furniture is better than that of the modern style of furniture products, because we usually furniture Huxing, mostly in accordance with modern style , so I want to specific have a other style of furniture products but also supporting the buy to let home environment to achieve the unity of effect, and I am so modern style furniture completely without considering these questions. In the case of this product, its width is 400mm.

   American Pastoral

   The width of this American pastoral style of lockers is 480mm. It mainly uses is Asia hardwood material,it is also made of MDF panel, wood material has a very thick, and heavy furniture temperament, it also highlights the inherent to the American furniture products stable, atmospheric tendency. Gilt carved elegant design, elegant noble, give your life to add a lot of retro means. The design of six layer drawer utility, large storage capacity, storage type, generally fragmentary goods can income in the cupboard, you may wish to compare, see if your mind and!

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