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Students invented full size stackable washer dryer

Mar 21, 2016

   Han Xiaodong is a sophomore at Chongqing Vocational and Technical College for Electromechanics.He usually loves to go shopping, he understand the product and trend of all kinds of machinery manufacturing.In winter, the weather is getting cold, a lot of dormitory roommate are not willing to wash the clothes,if the clothes to the laundry to wash, he feel unsafe, if you buy a washing machine, it takes up too much space.A roommate lamented: "if there is a full size stackable washer dryer,which is good."

   This sentence inadvertently reminded Han Xiaodong.I was learning in mechanical design and manufacturing, why I can not design a full size stackable washer dryer?"

   From that moment, he insisted on the structure and working principle of washing machine every day."The impression that I had to study the full size stackable washer dryer, almost every night will not rest until three in the morning, the whole design process is very painful."Han Xiaodong recalled.After several months of efforts, Han Xiaodong finally understand the general principle of washing machine."But the washing machine relates to the waterproof problem, I still didn't understand." In desperation, he decided to dismantle a washing machine.He didn't expect:He made the product model until he was gone third. 

   Until now, he has successfully made the whole sample, washing machine mainly comprises a plastic base and canvas drum, folded after only 27 cm tall, weighs only 3 kg, one can wash 4~5 medium thick clothes.This product has several series, it has featured convenient function, it is the main function without detergent, and I used to play this,the mainly produc is the full size stackable washer dryer." He said. 

   However,until the application for a patent, Han Xiaodong still did not want to know exactly what to bring their own invention for themselves,it can produce what kind of value.

   "I think that full size stackable washer dryer was just a good product, if it has the opportunity to market, there will be a lot of consumer needs it,I also made a study of the market for this product."He said, when he issued 10 thousand questionnaires, the research subjects are ordinary families, migrant workers, single men and women, migrant population, college students and field workers etc.. From the result of the survey, a total of 6795 people have expressed interest in products,and they are willing to buy.

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