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Some knowledges about good washer and dryer

Mar 21, 2016

   Maintenance and lubrication of good washer and dryer:In order to make the washing machine with good long-term normal operation, it is necessary to carry out proper lubrication maintenance,the place which is mainly need to lubricate bearings and gears,bearing should be injected into the good antiwear property and anti-oxidation stability L-TSA22 antirust antioxidant lubricating oil from oil hole, general 2-3 years gas at a time, such as general machinery oil is needed annually a fuel. Gear is applied with good adhesion is No. 2 extreme pressure lithium base grease, or oily of. And the mass fraction of 1% of dialkyl dithio zinc phosphate, or mass fraction is 3% MoS2 and L-CKC100 medium polar pressure anti-wear gear oil lubrication.

   How to disinfect good washer and dryer?

   The number of full automatic washing machine in fungal spores is more than semi automatic washing machineSo after washing clothes, we should promptly emptying the water in washing machine, open the lid and a condition can be used in the disinfection cabinet or laundry disinfectant;For underwear, we'd better wash it by hand..

   Cleaning items of good washer and dryer:

   To mix a good remover solution from the detergent into the add box, careful not to splash the skin. And press the washing machine power switch, the program is set to "washing procedures" (select the longest time), the washing barrel rotation; to be descaling fluid from the drain to the bucket, and then discharged descaling solution add the box from the detergent added, so repeated several times, until the program finished running, open the filter cleaning filters.

   How to clean good washer and dryer?

   There are two common ways of cleaning:

One is to ask the professional maintenance workers removing washing machine cleaning tank, the cost is higher and more trouble;

Another is the use of professional high sterilization rate washing trough cleaning agent, cleaning, decontamination sterilization can be completed in one step. The operation is simple and effective.

   Do you know the other knowledges about good washer and dryer?Come and share it with us.

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