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Recommend several compact washers for you

Mar 21, 2016

   The resistance of baby's body is poor,the skin is fragile,so baby's clothes are generally not shuffle with adults.in addition to hand washing,to buy compact washers,which is also a very good choice.Because of taking care of children is very tired.Men act to purchase compact washers for the baby!

   Compact washers---Samsung XQB30-B85G

   Samsung XQB30-B85G/XSC is a specially tailored washing machine for the baby,it uses high temperature cooking washing to achieve the role of sterilization, and remove stains from clothes deep, it can keep the clothes soft and fresh.Double cover "to prevent spillage" insulation effect, "safe temperature drainage" anti scald, it is suitable for many users.Samsung XQB30-B85G/XSC is designed for baby clothes washing.Technology is concise,90 degrees high temperature clean more thoroughly, 5 safety protection design, and 5 kinds of washing procedures to provide users with more considerate laundry experience.

   Compact washers---Haier XQBM33-968W

   Full automatic single barrel washing machine Haier XQBM33-968W washing machine, washing and dewatering capacity is 3.3 kg, the energy efficiency rating is class 2, body size is 438x760x448mm (width x Height x depth), the weight of the body is 19.5kg. The area of 438x448 is very space, and its height is only 76 cm.

   This washing machine adopts full plastic body porcelain white, even the operation button at the top of the fuselage.

Function, with 10 minute quick wash, into a small amount of water can be began washing, water rinsing, drying, need only 10 minutes to wash clothes. It is particularly suitable for summer clothing is light and light stains of, it saves time,water and electricity.

   Compact washers---SANYO XQB30-Mini1

   A full automatic pulsator single barrel washing machine is Sanyo Mini single barrel washing machine XQB30-Mini1, rated washing capacity and dehydration capacity is 3kg, rated washing water is 30 litres, the washing power is 200W, the energy efficiency rating is 2 level, the weight of the whole machine is 19kg.

   The area at the bottom of the fuselage is 44 cm x45 cm,the height is 78 cm, at the top of the fuselage of the door cover using a transparent design, it is convenient to observe the operation in the process of washing machine.

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