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Power cable connectors technology

Mar 21, 2016

 Power cable connectors are mainly used in transmission equipment department, all kinds of digital program-controlled switches, optical transmission equipment of inner joins and wiring frame between the signal transmission, used for transmission of data, audio, video and other communications equipment. Here we introduce the power cable connectors technology.

     The first step in power cable connectors:

     First peel the cable insulating shake measure, at least relatively and the interphase insulation resistance of 100M or more, it can make the cable head. 

     The second step in power cable connectors:

     The sheath of peel 250MM, you must pay attention to monitoring the shielding line must not cut.

     The third step in power cable connectors:

     At 230MM in the peel second sheath, you must be careful not to hurt the ground shield line. 

     The fourth step in power cable connectors:

     Will add to the main core wire to peel, and monitoring line put together made three shares, braided shape, its length shall not be less than 260mm. Then by an insulating adhesive bandage, it doesn't have burrs. 

     The fifth step in power cable connectors:

     Remove and clean the main core wire shielding layer, and then with beeswax wound with two layers, and the roots of a pile of winding stress. 

     The sixth step in power cable connectors:

     Department of peel 30MM in three root main core wire end winding suitable tie wire, ensure its good contact.

     The seventh step in power cable connectors:

     The use of qualified anti ring, sealing ring, horn mouth bolt length and fastening qualified.

     The eighth step in power cable connectors:

     Before assembling the shake test cable and wiring box insulation, up to 100 M or more, according to the order of assembly. Pay attention to the explosion-proof surface to wipe clean, apply anti rust oil, not the lack of waterproof pad.
     The ninth step in power cable connectors:

     The cable should be below the pad cable skin, pressure plate cable can not crack mouth. Not more than ten percent of the diameter of the cable deformation, the cable can not move.

     The tenth step in power cable connectors:

     Hanging connection box is not where the shower, cable on both sides of the height is not more than the horn mouth, to prevent water seepage to the box, after the completion of the work to do the site is clean.

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