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Material and structure of aluminum mesh sheet

Mar 21, 2016

   Material of aluminum mesh sheet: pure titanium, nickel, zirconium, tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten.

   Thickness: 0.1mm-7.8mm

Width: 5mm - 1250mm

Mesh: 1mmx2mm, 2mmx3mm, 3mmx4mm, 4mmx8mm, 3.5mmx6mm,

5x10mm, 25x40mm, 30x50mm, 40x80mm, 60x100mm etc.

   Flatness: finished with a glass platform contact area is more than 96%

   Surface treatment: it can be coated with ruthenium, iridium, platinum coating.

   Performance of aluminum mesh sheet:It is mainly composed of a panel, stiffener, hanging ears and other parts.
   Characteristics of aluminum mesh sheet:

   1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength 3.0mm aluminum plates per square anti 8kg, the tensile strength of 100-280N/mm2.

   2, weather resistance and good corrosion resistance. Using KYNAR-500 and JYLUR500 as the base material of PVDF fluorocarbon paint can reach 25 years do not fade.

   3, good technology. The first processing after spraying, aluminum can be processed into a plane, arc and spherical complex geometries.

   4, coating uniformity, color variety. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint uniform, and aluminum adhesion to various color, more choice in the.

   5, is not easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance. Non adhesive fluorine coating film, the surface is very difficult to attach pollutants, but also good to clean.

   6, quick and convenient installation and construction. Aluminum factory molding, the construction site without cutting, fixed to the framework.

   7, Recyclable recycling, environmental friendly. Aluminum can be recycled 100%, unlike glass, stone, ceramic, plastic plates and other decorative materials, the high recovery value.

   Material and structure of aluminum mesh sheet:Aluminum curtain wall veneer is made of high strength Aluminum Alloy sheet, the commonly used thickness of 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 2003, 3003 state models for H24.The conventional material size is 1220mm * 2400mm and 1300mm * 3000mm, its structure is mainly composed of a panel, stiffener and angles.Code can be directly by the panel bending, stamping molding, it is also available in a panel on the hems of riveting corner molding. Strengthen the tendons and board by welding screw connection, to become a solid whole, it greatly enhanced the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall. It can ensure the long-term use of the smoothness and seismic capacity. If you need to sound insulation, we can install the insulation moisture material efficient in the inner side of the aluminum plate.

   This is aluminum mesh sheet.

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