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Market prospect of washing machines and dryers

Mar 18, 2016

  Related defects of washing machines and dryers:

   1.ts water is big

   2 it is easy to wear clothes

   3 it is the trouble of cleaning

   4 it may cause infectious diseases

   5 in the humid environment to use it,there is the risk of electric shock

   Maintenance of washing machines and dryers:

   1.Before using the washing machine,first,we should carefully read the product manual. When using the washing machine should be placed on the flat solid ground, and the distance between the wall and other items must be kept above 5 cm.
   2 washing classification, batch washing should be according to the material, color, dirty degree.

   3. Washing before, we should first remove the sundries in the pocket, prevent nails, coins, card issuers and other hard objects into the washing barrel; sediment clothing should be removal of sediment and then into the washing tub, wool, etc. to put the washing in the yarn bag.

   Market prospect of washing machines and dryers:

   Teacher of washing machines and dryers manufacturers in China, without exception, are multinational companies, such as when the Ariston, Libohaier, technology and production line accompanied by foreign chefs settled came to China. However, foreign chefs but in the first round of washing machine market competition lost half of the country, what is the reason?
   The first is the lack of investment in China technology market. The foreign brand is not the lack of technology, lack of understanding of the market is Chinese.

   The second reason is the management mode without localization.It can be from the joint venture whirlpool Narcissus, snow failure and Maytag defeat Rongshida can see some clues, China is still a developing country, the advanced idea of desire, but there are also a process of digestion.

   But the price is a breakthrough, if long-term to maintain or expand market share also have other methods.At present, foreign brands commonly used means is shortened product life cycle, improve the single product value and new profit.They change the products on the global market in order to further shorten the product market China with Europe and the United States listed the time difference.

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