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Maintenance procedures of stackable washer and dryer cheap

Mar 18, 2016

   The maintenance process of washing machine is starting from the fault phenomenon through the analysis, preliminary to determine the fault position, then check on these sites, a final repair or replacement of parts. At the time of the inspection, we must adopt some effective methods to cope with.

   1 repair steps of stackable washer and dryer cheap

   The repair process of stackable washer and dryer cheap can be divided into five steps: observation, analysis, inspection, repair and test.By observing the failure phenomenon.We can know some external features of the breakdown fault,so as to lay the foundation for analysis and inspection.According to the fault phenomena which we observed,to determine the cause of this failure from the structure and working principle of stackable washer and dryer cheap, specific parts of which is the preliminary determination of failure.

   The analysis is the inference process to link fault location and fault phenomenon of the causal relationship. For example, observed by the impeller shaft water leakage down, you can think of is the ferry shaft sealing ring damage. In drainage knob to "off" position and water from the drainage pipe leakage, can judge the drain valve spring is broken, or rubber que bad.

   2 inspection methods of stackable washer and dryer cheap 

   In order to determine the fault position as soon as possible, we can use some effective inspection methods. The commonly used method is to ask the user operation method, inspection method, inspection method, sensory multimeter test etc..

   3 note about maintenance procedures of stackable washer and dryer cheap

   Washing machine belongs to the high-voltage electrical home appliances products, when maintenance, first of all, we should pay attention to safety, to avoid further damage caused by parts. So in maintenance, we must be careful, we should pay attention to the following points:

   1)we try to check the power.

   2)With no apprehension of electrical line washing machine before, do not disconnect the connection point in the circuit. All lead apart, should be prepared to mark record or label, in order to avoid wrong, cause factitious failure.

   3)Before the overhaul, first we should find out the structure of washing machine. The demolition of fault location analysis, judgment, should be as little as possible to touch other parts.

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