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Introduction of the metal mesh panels

Mar 18, 2016

   What is the role of mining metal mesh panels? What is mine metal mesh panels specifications used? What are the advantages of mining metal mesh panels? Mine metal mesh panels can be used in what place?
Mining of metal mesh effect:they are mainly used in coal mine roadway protection and reinforcement, concrete pavement, bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, housing floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pipe pile, and so on, mine the most.

   Mine mesh product introduction: Mine mesh is respectively to a certain distance vertically aligned, all intersections in resistance spot welding together.It is in the factory directly welded mesh forming steel products, to replace the manual tension tie reinforcement, efficient, energy-saving, and strengthen concrete structure building material. Welding metal mesh panels reinforcement in reinforced categories are divided into (one, two, three) the steel bar welded mesh hot rolling and cold drawing smooth steel welding net bars, cold rolling belt ribbed steel bar welded mesh.

Two mine mesh material: low carbon steel wire.

Mine mesh: spot welding process.

Mine metal mesh panels form: square, rectangular mesh. The wire mesh size and thickness,length and width can be arbitrarily selected by the user.

Mine net features: layout, supporting fast. Strong and durable. The focal point of the uniform.

Suitable for: all kinds of mining roadway, wells, network support, protection and reinforcement of tunnel construction.

Three mine mesh has the following advantages:

(1) mine net steel saving more than 33%, the cost is reduced by 10% - 30%;

(2) mine net increase the speed of construction can shorten the construction period of about 80%;

(3) the metal mesh panels can improve the quality of engineering structure, reliable and concrete bonding anchorage,the bonding strength is equivalent to 3 times more than that steel bar, and the overall good, small deviation, crack resistance increased more than 75%.

Four mine common specifications of metal mesh panels for conventional 5*100*100mm, length and width: 1*2 meters, 2*4 meters, 1*3 meters.

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