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Introduction of stainless steel washer dryer

Mar 18, 2016

   Characteristics of stainless steel washer dryer:

   1 industrial washing machine, the shell adopts high quality stainless steel manufacturing, and polished, it does not damage clothing pollution.

   2 automatic industrial washing machine, washing capacity, the noise is low, vibration is small.

   3.A safety device for industrial washing machine, which ensure safe operation.

   4.Industrial washing machine advanced temperature control system, it ensures that the processing effect of rinsing.

   5 industrial washing machine saves energy, it is convenient for operation and maintenance.

   Advantages of stainless steel washer dryer:

   1, industrial washing machine can effectively remove oil

   The main advantage of stainless steel washer dryer is that to remove oily dirt.Oily dirt, including: human body secretion of various types of oil and grease kind of secretions; all food containing animal fat and vegetable oil; all kinds of daily necessities (cosmetics, lubricating oil, cultural activities, etc.) contain various types of oils and fats, the greasy dirt will in industrial washing machine is removed.

   2, industrial washing machine can protecte the form of clothing.

   Because of the industrial washing machine is the important industrial solvent washing machine, industrial washing machine in the water is very limited. Therefore, will not cause infiltration or swelling of various fibers and fabrics. Because the clothes fabric, lining and lining material used by the different fiber, changes in contact with water after will be different. So, industrial washing machine has the advantages of keeping clothes.

   3, it protects the color of clothing.

   Most of the textile is completed in water processing, the use of most water-soluble dyes. Therefore, the possibility of occurrence of washing fade is greatly increased. And the environment of industrial washing machine very little water. Therefore, the possibility of the fade of the clothing in the process of industrial washing machine is also greatly reduced. So, industrial washing machine has a protective effect on the color of clothes.

   Considerations of stainless steel washer dryer:

   1, every time before starting the machine, please be sure to lock the door liner of washing machine, to prevent accidents. (very important)

   2, washing on the stove next to the sun or not.

  3, for the sake of safety, and the motor control cabinet must according to the.

  4, washing wool, wool fabrics, fine chemical fiber fabric, gauze bandage, socks, etc., should be put into the gauze pocket.

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