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Introduction of aluminum electrical wire

Mar 18, 2016

 Do you know aluminum electrical wire?Let me introduce it to you.

   Silicon Si:0.40-0.8 iron Fe: 0.7 copper Cu:0.15-0.40 manganese Mn:0.15 magnesium chromium Mg:0.8-1.2 Cr:0.04-0.35 zinc Zn:0.25 titanium Ti:0.15 aluminum al: allowance other: single: 0.05 together: 0.15 Guangdong Hengxin modern aluminum and aluminum spot.

   Mechanical property of aluminum electrical wire:Tensile strength (o b (MPA): greater than or equal to 180 yield strength sigma 0.2 (MPA): more than or equal to 110 elongation 5 (%): more than or equal to 14 note: bar at room temperature, the longitudinal mechanical properties of the sample size: diameter is less than or equal to 150.

   Technical standard of aluminum electrical wire:Aluminum wire with the national standard (GB/T 3880-2006),it is used in standard Aluminum Alloy strip material.

   State and the code editor alloy aluminum description:

   Range:This standard specifies the status code of the Aluminum Alloy deformation.

This standard is applicable to aluminum and aluminum products.

   Basic principle:

   1The basic state code with a English uppercase.w

   2The basic state of state subdivision code code followed by one or more digital Arabia.

  3 basic state code

The basic state is divided into 5

The code name and Application

   F free machining state: it applies in the molding process, no special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions, the mechanical properties of the products are not specified.

   The annealed state: it is suitable for processing products in the fully annealed get the lowest strength.

   Work hardening state: it is applicable to improve the strength of the product through the hardening product in hardening after after (or not after) additional strength decreased the heat treatment.

   Solid solution heat treatment state: a state of instability, it is applied only after solution heat treatment, natural ageing alloy at room temperature, the state code said only products in the natural aging stage.

   Heat treatment conditions (different from F, O, H): it is suitable for heat treatment, with (or without) hardening to achieve stable products. The T code must be followed by one or more digital Arabia. The first number in the T word behind the said heat treatment basic types (from 1~10), then you said the change in the digital heat treatment details. 6061 - 5083 - T 62; H 343.

   Do you know what knowledge about aluminum electrical wire?

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