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I will introduce the best washer machine to you

Mar 18, 2016

   The best washer machine---Panasonic XQB65-Q76201

   It has the following functions: the amount of clothing self balance self-test, intelligent replenishment, self checking function, it consciously determine the wash water, washing time and washing powder. High speed dewatering, safety switch device with automatic balance adjustment, washing machine control procedures, it can maintain a smooth operation. At present, its price is 1245 yuan in Jingdong mall.

  The best washer machine---Samsung WW80J5230GW/SC

   It is a drum washing machine with 8kg washing capacity, the use of diamond type inner cylinder design, which makes it off the diameter of the hole is greatly reduced, and the number of them is also greatly reduced, so it is efficient to reduce the inner cylinder wear the clothes, fine washing clothes. At present, the washing machine is sold in Jingdong Mall, the price is 2999 yuan.

   The best washer machine---SIEMENS WS12M3600W

   Its design with a stylish and minimalist white,it has positive and negative 3D washing technology, it supports the half-way Tim clothing, it can intelligent detection of the amount of clothing, foam, balance and function failure, it saves manpower. It supports personalized intelligent washing and washing washing to meet demand, each period at present, its price is 4298 yuan jingdong.

  The best washer machine---jideXQG75-JW10SL

   It has the function of exclusive imitation hand washing,the fine clothes are soft wash, washing after washing clothes loose and comfortable, the trilogy special knock, shake, solution, remove stains and prevent the wound care of clothes.At the same time, it is equipped with 30-90 degrees Celsius temperature, it can activate the activity of enzyme in detergent, water let the choice of 4 stalls.Leading Fuzzy fuzzy control technology based on multi sensors determine clothes weight and material, through the collection of information, selection of washing powder, water level, washing time and way, it achieves the best washing mode. It allows you to have sufficient idle time. It Jingdong price is only 1699 yuan.

   The best washer machine---RongshidaRG-F6506BWN

   It is 6.5 kg intelligent frequency washing machine, which uses a whirlpool frequency conversion motor, its mix of the original variable frequency drive power technology, which makes wash effect of more wins hand wash. It has intelligent recognition system, which can identify the laundry material, weight set automatically washing state and water according to different situations. It has a WHS balance system, which is intelligent and damping.


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