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How to make a aviary wire mesh?

Mar 18, 2016

 How to make a aviary wire mesh?Well,before you make a aviary wire mesh,you should careful these.
   A failure aviary wire mesh will become a refuge for bacteria and viruses, it is possible to parrot exposure under the threat of virus exposure in extreme weather and temperature. In Australia, the direction of the aviary wire mesh is facing north or northeast face if facing the other direction, it will make the parrot suffering from cold or exposure. In the South or the establishment of a solid barrier Southwest (mud).

- clear all left in the small aviary wire mesh - this proposed aviary wire mesh is poisonous. Every day with a magnet check those you just created or modified patched aviary floor.

   using stainless steel, glass, ceramic container to contain food, avoid the use of containers of plastic, aluminum, galvanized and porcelain clay and other materials.

- who were cut too sharp wire around the network outside, avoid contact with the parrot;

- see air circulation in the aviary and nearby aviary. The parrot did feel bored? If you are not sure, you can light a cigarette in the aviary wire mesh, observe the fire spread slows down. If the weakening of cigarette fire, indicating that the aviary in the air circulation is not good, to solve this problem ,it is necessary to open the ventilation holes of the aviary, in order to increase the amount of air circulation.

   The circulation of feeder to control the air, ensure the parrot in the summer cool feeling, feel the warmth in the winter.
The attention required in different seasons of the shaded area, is more or less?

The existing perch and the bird's nest will let the parrot feel at ease?

The parrot can get rid of the others to monitor the eyes? Whether in human or other animal cages outside the eyes feel uneasy? For sensitive parrot design some natural shelter (such as trees, shrubs, wooden wall etc.).

The bird's nest need to transfer to the best position, to avoid excessive sun exposure, the bird's nest by rain and wind.

] aviary built material selection should consider several problems: minimize the damage to the parrot, the possibility of; effectively prevent parrot escape; rigid,parrot is difficult to destroy.

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