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How to identify the c5 power line

Mar 18, 2016

C5 power line is the transmission current of wire. Usually the current transmission is point-to-point transmission. C5 power line according to use can be divided into AC power line and DC power supply line, usually AC power cord is by alternating current high voltage wire and the wire due to the higher voltage to unified standards obtain safety certification can be an official production. The DC line is basically through DC voltage is low, so in terms of security requirements and no AC line strictly, but for security reasons, countries still require unified security authentication.

     The first method for identification of c5 power cord: household appliance quality certificates
If the appliance quality, so the quality of power line appliances should be tested, there is not much problem.

     Second methods of identifying c5 power cord: check the wire section

     Wire section, qualified products of copper or aluminum conductor surface should have metallic luster, blackening the surface of copper or pale surface of aluminum that has been oxidized, is not up to standard products.

     Third methods of identifying c5 power cord: power line appearance

Qualified products the insulation (sheath) layer of soft, toughness is very flexible, compact surface layer, smooth, no rough sense, pure and gloss. Insulation (sheath) layer surface should be clear and wear resistant logo, non formal insulation material production products, insulating layer feeling through bright, crisp, no toughness.

     Fourth methods of identifying c5 power cord: see the core power line

Selection of pure copper raw material production and after strict wire drawing, annealing, stranded wire core, the surface should be bright, smooth, no burr, stranded close flatness, soft and ductile, and is not easily broken.

     Fifth methods of identifying c5 power cord: power line length

     Different electrical power lines of different lengths, decoration owners first before the choose and buy it is best to first understand what qualified the length of the power line is how much, so in the purchase of electrical appliances can accomplish know fairly well.

     In order to home appliances to ensure normal use and residential security, decoration owners in the purchase of home appliances, be sure to pay attention to the selection of power supply line, carefully check the quality, if the quality of the power supply line failed, it is best not to buy this home appliances, in order to avoid trouble for himself.

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