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How to detect metal gauze?

Mar 18, 2016

   When using the metal gauze,what do you need to pay attention to ?

   1, metal gauze is to realize the material transport, and these material properties are varied,so the metal net has different characteristics, for example, it has strong corrosion resistance,it also has the properties of resistance and anti cold of Gaoping.

   2, metal mesh belt is not only need good material, high quality professional skills are also not neglect, extravagance and benefit or may cause the loss of raw materials.

   3, in the transport process, the function of network with the coil is:to have stability, so as to better adhere to the transport of persistent effect with self willed, at the same time, it is also the intrinsic request of the transport insurance.

   How to detect metal gauze?

   1,Nitrate test

   One of the distinctive features of metal gauze is the concentrated nitric acid and dilute nitric acid have inherent corrosion resistance.But the 420 and 440 high carbon steel in nitrate test is slightly affected by corrosion, high-temperature net belt, when the concentrated nitric acid, non ferrous metals will be corrupted.The existence of dilute nitric acid strong corrosive to carbon steel.

   2,sulfuric acid test

   The experiment of sulfuric acid immersion stainless steel tube,which can distinguish 302 and 304 and 316 and 317.The sample cutting edge should be after fine grinding, and then the concentration for 20-30%, temperature is 60 DEG C * * * * (the proportion of 1.42) in cleaning and passivation for half an hour.The volume concentration of sulfuric acid test solution was 10%,heated to 71 DEG C.When the 302 and 304 stainless steel immersed in the hot solution, it was rapidly corrosion and a large number of bubbles,how many minutes will turn black in the sample; and 316 samples with 317 steel is not degenerate or very slow reaction (no air bubbles), the sample will not change color in 10~15 minutes. 

   3,Magnetic test

   Magnetic experiment is the most simple difference in annealing of austenitic stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel.Non magnetic steel is austenitic metal gauze, but the high pressure after cold working will have mild magnetic; and pure chromium steels and low alloy steels is strong magnetic steel.

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