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How to clean stackable washing machine?

Mar 18, 2016

   Usually people only know that stackable washing machine is used for washing,but most people do not know the washing machine is in need of cleaning.In recent years,the food safety problem, Chinese of drinking water safety, milk safety problems such as exposure,more and more people began to pay more attention to the health of life, this is the washing machine to wash the dirty clothes but also turned into "water", more wash more dirty, cause people begin to pay attention to the problem of cleaning stackable washing machine.

   How to clean stackable washing machine?

   There are two common ways of cleaning:

   1 we ask professional maintenance workers remove the washing machine for cleaning tank, the cost is higher and more trouble;

   2 Another is the use of professional high sterilization rate washing trough cleaning agent, cleaning, decontamination sterilization can be completed in one step. The operation is simple and effective.

   There is a more effective way to directly use the free cleaning stackable washing machine,this kind of stackable washing machine can prevent the adhesion of dirt in the inside and outside of the tank wall and deposition, which can keep the lasting clean inside and outside of the tank wall.

   Stackable washing machine adopts full stainless steel inner barrel, antibacterial activity comparable to medical equipment, avoid residual bacteria in the washing process, with unique heat barrel sterilization function, using 60 degrees Celsius temperature sterilization method and rotating flow, thoroughly remove dirt.At the same time, a strong net waterfall washing function using centrifugal force to simulate the waterfall of strong water flow to scour the inner barrel wall, each time washing and barrel for cleaning, it guarantees the clean laundry to wash the clean clothes. In addition, the washing machine has 6 kinds of intelligent hand model, simulation of human hand washing, rubbing, kneading, knocking, shaking, squeeze solution etc, which makes clothing such as mother hand like a perfect washing experience.

   Cleaning agent of stackable washing machine:We have the various brands of washing machine tank cleaning agent in the market, but because the market is chaos, the uneven quality of the various products, recommends that consumers purchase should pay attention to buy a certification authority high sterilization rate products.

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