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High efficiency washers make "white collar" still white

Mar 18, 2016

"Working people" is favor of high efficiency washers.

   Recently,the temperatures of Shaoguan City continue to rise, many people have felt the heat of the summer.In the summer, to have a clean and high efficiency washers has become expectations for a lot of people.

   For the office workers who work from five to nine,they sweat more easily in summer,if he wants to keep his "white collar", he is bound to wash the clothes more frequently,high efficiency washers are called the city workers "essential artifact".The reporter visited the city a major appliance store,the high efficiency washers became the first choice for the public in summer.

   According to the sales staff introduction, at present,some brands of appliances launched a washing machine which uses a unique bubble net technology.Even at room temperature, it can rapidly dissolve detergent fiber, deep deep in the beginning of washing, it makes clothes soaked in rich foam, which can effectively improve the washing efficiency, it saves time.Some high efficiency washers has sxX function,it can change the current single "29 minute quick wash" or "15 minute quick wash mode, consumers can choose in 15 minutes -60 minutes (standard) range, which meet the personalized needs,it makes more free washing.

   The sales staff also briefed reporters on the tips: Summer washing before washing clothes to soak for 10 minutes.With detergent water to soak the clothes for more than 10 minutes, so washing powder detergent molecules can better penetrate into the stains, and then washing it with high efficiency washers, it can achieve the effect of saving water and electricity, it can also save waiting time.In addition, you can also choose to go to the low foam detergent washing." She said,"It is best to choose washing liquid to wash clothes, because the washing liquid high-tech liquid formula. It has the following characteristics: low alkaline, moderate performance, low foam, it easy to rinse, it can reduce washing times, water saving and electricity saving."The same clothes, if we wash with detergent, we should rinse 8 times to wash. If we use the washing liquid, it will greatly improve the efficiency.

   The sales staff Li Xiaojie said: "in the use of  high efficiency washers, the public should pay attention to wash clothes.The clothes from shallow to deep to wash. It can not only decrease in clothes fade trouble staining, but also can save water resources, after all, the summer clothing is not dirty. "

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