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Do you know vinyl coated wire mesh?

Mar 18, 2016

 Do you know vinyl coated wire mesh?And have you heard the vinyl coated wire mesh?Or do you have any knowlegde of the vinyl coated wire mesh?And do you want to know what the vinyl coated wire mesh is?The vinyl resin is a material of the vinyl coated wire mesh,so let's learn the vinyl resin.

   Vinyl resin (Vinyl Ester Resins) is a highly corrosion-resistant.

A epoxy vinyl resin is composed of methacrylic acid and bisphenol.A epoxy resin was synthesized by vinyl resin,soluble in styrene solution, this type of resin has the following characteristics:

   1, both ends of the double bond in the molecular chain is extremely active, the vinyl resin can be rapidly solidified, quickly use strength, with high corrosion resistance polymer;

   2, the synthesis of methacrylic acid, methyl ester side can play a protective role, improve the hydrolysis resistance;

   3, resin containing small amount of ester bond, per mole of Binet chemical polyester (bisphenol a fumaric acid UPR) less 35-50%, the alkali resistance improve;

   4, more hydroxyl groups can improve the wettability and adhesion of glass fiber, improve the mechanical strength of laminates;

   5, because only at the molecular ends of crosslinking.

   Flame retardant vinyl resin commonly used brominated epoxy resin synthesis, the bromine containing flame retardant resin, so the vinyl resin with chemical resistance and flame retardant

   In order to adapt to a variety of anti corrosion engineering construction, the development of a flexible vinyl ester resin,

flexible vinyl ester resin is bonded to the surface of steel and concrete are very high, compared with the traditional epoxy vinyl ester resin, the elongation rate is higher, bonding strength is greatly improved.

   Vinyl paint is physically drying paint. They as industrial coatings in chemical plant, refining factory and depot, as well as the bridge has been widely used, but also the use of the ship (below the waterline using vinyl tar). They are painting, so it is easy to use without air spray, brush and roller construction.Because the effective components of the film will decompose, and cause yellowing,it is easy to make the film broken. Many different kinds of paint can be classified as "vinyl paint".


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