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Do you know the wire mesh fencing panels?

Mar 17, 2016

   Do you know the wire mesh fencing panels?In fact,thereare many wire mesh fencing panels in our daily life,and the wire mesh fencing panels play a big role in our life.

   The wire mesh fencing panels are widely used in our production and life, the garden fence, highway fence, municipal fence etc.

   At present, in many city,popular private villa and garden are decorated with wire mesh fencing panels, with wooden plate. Formed by the fence board, horizontal belt plate, fence posts three part. General the height of it is about 0.5 to 2 meters. Different shapes, with simple decoration, door installation as the main purpose, is very popular in europe.

Fences are used primarily to use as wire mesh fencing panels with roads and highways, highway next to the bridge on both sides of the door,they are also can be used in airports, ports, docks safety protection, the municipal construction in the park, lawn, zoo, pool Lake, roads, residential areas of isolation and protection, guesthouses, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment of the protective and decorative products.

   For the purchase of products from the first fence, welded wire mesh, mesh fence material directly affects the product utility, whether the quality standards. First is how to choose the kind of fence mesh, the mesh is welded and by different specifications of the wire, silk quality directly affect the mesh quality, in choose wire should be selected by the regular manufacturers of high quality wire rod pull out of the finished wire; secondly is the mesh welding or prepare process, this is mainly technical personnel and good production machinery between skilled and operation ability,a good mesh is every welding or prepare point which can be a good connection. Then a fence frame material should be selected high quality steel and round steel,the different fence uses angle steel,the round steel should also be different.

   Then the whole spray should pay attention to spray uniformity, and the coating quality is crucial.


   1, the fence posts specifications, wall thickness.

   2, screen frame size of the screen frame, screen frame size.

   3, wire mesh, mesh size. Avoid manufacturers cut corners in the production process.

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