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Do you know the plastic wire mesh?

Mar 17, 2016

   Production process of plastic wire mesh

   The plastic raw material in the extruder heating melting through the extrusion,and then they are forced into a special rotating head which is provided with a plurality of holes inside and outside of the die. The molten plastic flowing through the die pore forming two shares melt silk. Because of head rotation, two shares converge to a continuous filament,thereby forming a network, after cooling into the net.

   Plastic wire mesh

   work and non network draft draft two. Plastic wire mesh is equipment by extruder, rotary mould cooling, traction, rewinding unit. According to the special requirements of the series of products using different configurations, applicable to production drawing net, no networking, planar filter network, fence, fence, horticultural and agricultural net,network engineering,network stretching, packaging, fruits and vegetables, bags and bags under the eyes and so on different functions of plastic stretching net.

   Net material has been widely used in the packaging of all kinds of toys, food, vegetables, wine bottle, machinery parts, used for aquaculture,construction and road traffic construction, and for net production car back, spring mattress, air conditioning, flame retardant, road network.

Mold is not the same, regardless of the injection molding, die casting, high temperature flow molding or at room temperature under stamping plastic molding, despite decades of research and application history of long, due to the basic theory and mathematical model is not perfect, is not accurate, there is still great uncertainty , especially in our country, most of which relies on site debugging experience ,to the extent possible, the mold product to achieve perfect,they produce the production which meet the users' requirements.

Mould, as a kind of special machinery industry, and mould, as is a special kind of mechanical products, industrial production used to injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, punching and drawing method to obtain the required products of various molds and tools.

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