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Do you know the history of fine mesh screen?

Mar 17, 2016

   Do you know the history of fine mesh screen?Let us talk about it together.

   According to the county annals: Anping fine mesh screen originated in the Akita Hiroji years.

   1488: county Huang Cheng Xiang Tang Bei Cun have woven silk, and in the Asian business association"

   1918: Xu Laoshan who lived in fragrant village introduced the Japanese technology of fine mesh screen into Anping.And he set up the first fine mesh screen factory.

   1928: Anping City has opened, Yongan. Born. The people's livelihood. The number of covered copper Luo factory.

   1937: the Japanese invasion of China, Luo copper factory were destroyed.

   1949: after the founding of new China, has run from the Luo state-run Anping wire factory and Chengguan. Campaigner. He Zhuang. Angle Qiu Si collective all of factory.

   1966: the beginning of the cultural revolution, silk production reduced scale.

   1978: Anping fine mesh screen industry started to recover.

   On June 24, 1984: People's daily < > first published Anping wire mesh has a long history and developing status of the article, the same year September 28 < Anping wire mesh Town > as news for the first time in China Central Television broadcast, greatly improves the Anping wire mesh in the visibility.

   1985: "1511 'loom marks the successful transformation from manual Anping wire mesh production to mechanized production.

   1987: Anping wire mesh industry as a key support industry, the national science and Technology Commission, the state plans to Mars.

   September 1991: Anping County first funded enterprises Anfei Wire Mesh Co. Ltd built in Anping. Shuttleless arrows with the introduction of Japan's success looms.

In 1995, by the large positive full village (Li Feng) will Qingxian County, Hebei Province punching net production and technology introduction Anping, and in Guangzhou to flourish, while creating the first two:

Anping wire mesh to do the first website

Two: Anping first home computer numerical control punching net to do business.

May 1996: the first in Hebei Province in the State Planning Commission approved the construction project investment market 146 million yuan of wire mesh world construction, has become the country's largest screen products distribution center.
On September 18, 1999: China National Hardware Association in Beijing's Great Hall of the people awarded Anping 'township of wire mesh in China or honorary title, marking the wire mesh industry into a new stage of rapid development.
October 22, 2001: the first Chinese (An Ping) International Silk Fair successfully held in An Ping.

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