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Do you know the hexagonal wire mesh?

Mar 17, 2016

  Do you know the hexagonal wire mesh?May be you know the wire mesh,but have you noticed the hexagonal wire mesh?And do you know the use of hexagonal wire mesh?Actually,the hexagonal wire mesh has a big use in industry.Hexagonal wire mesh is an important internal component which has been included in the national,and it focus on the development of radial tire products, its effect is directly related to the heavy load, high speed tire performance.The hexagonal wire mesh is one of the wire mesh. 

   The wire mesh is low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and other materials woven or welded mesh material.Production process are: ordinary weaving, knitting and spot welding type embossing.

   Wire mesh is a kind of building crack, wall insulation materials.

   Wire mesh is the skeleton of the cement mortar and selection of thick steel wire for 16-18, grid for 20-25 mm steel wire mesh or galvanized iron wire mesh.

There are two kinds of commonly used metal mesh: steel net (net) and wire mesh (mesh)

Steel net is 1.2mm thick steel plate punching and stretching opening. High strength, durable, independent screw steel net direct plastering.

The wire mesh is fine steel or galvanized steel wire braided mesh, with different mesh density, size, unit is "". Must be behind the foil (cement board, wall etc.) use.

For decoration of a steel net,steel wire mesh, plastering,cement mortar by mesh behind extrusion mortar condensation fixed request cement mortar fully lying wrapped to protect the metal net does not rust, like reinforced concrete protection principle. The steel net is brushed with antirust paint before use.

Wire material further expansion, mainly: long specifications for stainless steel wire mesh, mainly used in chemical enterprise filtering using; manganese steel wire mesh (65 Mn, 75 Mn),it is mainly used in cement screen and screening of oxidation with; 45# steel wire mesh.Hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh,it is mainly used for building exterior insulation

   Hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, good durability.

   Application and effect of hexagonal wire mesh: external wall insulation mesh is mainly used for exterior wall, the general construction of cast-in-situ concrete, high-rise residential, the structure plays an important role in the insulation system.

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