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Do you know the fiberglass screen mesh ?

Mar 17, 2016

   Do you know the fiberglass screen mesh?Have you heard the fiberglass screen mesh?Do you know the function of the fiberglass screen mesh?Now let's look at the fiberglass screen mesh and figer out what the use of fiberglass screen mesh.

   Fiberglass screen mesh is based on glass fiber woven fabric,the polymer emulsion anti immersion coating. It has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high weft tension resistance,it can be widely used in building internal and external wall insulation, waterproof and anti crack.Fiberglass screen mesh through special organization structure,leno weave twist weave and,after the anti alkali,it has be enhanced agent heat setting.

The grid cloth is to alkali or alkali glass fiber yarn weaving, the alkali resistant polymer emulsion coated glass fiber grid cloth series products: alkali GRC glass fiber grid cloth, alkali proof wall enhancement, mosaic special mesh and stone, marble back paste mesh cloth

The main application is widely used in:

   1) wall reinforcing material (such as fiberglass screen mesh, wall panels, wall GRC EPS external wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc..

   2) reinforced cement products (such as flue Rome column, etc.)

   3) special mesh, granite, marble mosaic back on the network.

   4) waterproof cloth, asphalt roofing.

   5) reinforcing materials of plastic and rubber products.

   6) fire board.

   7) cloth wheel.

   8) highway pavement with geogrid.

   9) building sealing tape etc..

Inner wall insulation.

Inner insulation wall alkali resistant fiberglass mesh is made by alkali or alkali glass fiber mesh cloth ,and the modified acrylate copolymer coating glue.The advantages of light weight, high strength, temperature resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof,
The characteristics of corrosion resistance, crack resistance, dimensional stability.It can effectively avoid the plastering level overall surface tension of contraction and craze of the external cause, thin mesh often use renovation on the wall and inner wall insulation.So the fiberglass screen mesh is a very useful industry material.Now do you have a little knowleged about the fiberglass screen mesh?

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