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Do you know aluminium mesh sheet?

Mar 17, 2016

  Do you know aluminium mesh sheet?

  Aluminum mesh sheet a fashion crafts which use the aluminum as raw materials,a ring of woven mesh, coloring process by surface treatment, mesh surface, uniform color bright, soft light for handbags, clothing, apparel, footwear, accessories, such as field.

Drilled aluminium mesh sheet is our factory with market,the first innovation of a garment accessories,it belongs to environmental protection product,the materials are aluminum and copper material,it is the latest popular fashion, garment accessories, due to its flexibility,it can  be designed a variety of unique design style, such as letters, figures, animals, cartoon etc. it can be used for bags, belts, shoes, lace, handbags, hand hook aluminum mesh sheets, curtains and so on other clothing accessories can also block Sheung Shui diamond and dress collocation filling with luxury and high quality.it also can be infected with a variety of color and pattern, white background can also personality prints, photos, star Caitu blossoms printed.

Allows you to fully display your personality beautiful clothing era is the best choice of clothing accessories collocation. The characteristics of aluminum sheet: reflective surface height of

   1.aluminum mesh sheet. Radiation, visible light, radiant heat waves can effectively be aluminum reflector, which has various decorative purposes and the use of reflex function;

   2. Aluminum plate has no toxicity and its natural state and surface with pleasant appearance. It is soft, shiny, and for beauty, but also coloring or dye on texture pattern;

   3 formability, it is one of the important characteristics of aluminum mesh sheet. Specific tensile strength, yield strength,it can be ductility and work hardening rate dominates the allowable deformation changes;

   4. Forging, aluminum mesh sheet can be forged into shape with a wide variety of forgings;

   5.it can recycling, aluminum has high recovery, regeneration characteristics of aluminum and aluminum is almost no difference. This made the aluminum mehs sheet become the darling of the environmentalists.

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